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The Michigan Health Endowment Fund Closes Out 2014 With a Bang

Posted on February 2, 2015 by Mark Neithercut

We look back with pride at the many accomplishments of our clients in 2014. One that stands out and is worthy of note is the $36.15 million in grants made by the Michigan Health Endowment Fund (the “MHEF”) in the last quarter of 2014. The MHEF is a new Foundation established in late 2013 that resulted from the transition of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan from a nonprofit health care company to a nonprofit mutual insurance company.

The MHEF’s mission is to improve the health of Michigan residents and reduce the cost of healthcare with an emphasis on children and senior wellness. We worked with MHEF as it awarded the grants as part of a 2014 pilot grantmaking program. These grants benefitted ten organizations that play a critical role in the health of the state’s youngest and oldest citizens. The nonprofit grant recipients include The Food Bank Council of Michigan, The Michigan Primary Care Association, The Michigan Fitness Foundation, State Alliance of YMCAs, the Michigan Alliance of Boys and Girls Clubs, and Easter Seals of Michigan, to name a few. Including an emergency grant awarded to assist the Detroit Water Emergency Fund, the MHEF awarded a total of $38.15 million in grants in 2014.